Proper Care For Handmade Quilts

handmade quilts

Handmade quilts are tactile elements to add to any home. Whether they are used as bed covers, wall arts or just a light blanket for those late nights, the profound essence that comes with them is highly unfathomable. That said, I’m you’d like your quilt lasting for ages but perhaps don’t know how to accomplish this. Well, let’s get you out of this pickle with some few tips on how to take care of your special piece of material:


The best way to take care of your quilt is by hand washing rather than dry cleaning it. Hand washing prevents the fabric and stitches of the quilt from unraveling. More so, use a gentle detergent, liquid if possible, and soft, cold water when washing it. The opposite of the two conditions would also diminish the quality of the fabric. If you’re otherwise too busy to hand wash the quilt yourself, always make sure too read the tag label on the quilt carefully before dry cleaning it. Set the shortest cycle on the machine while also adhering that you’ve used a gentle detergent.


keeping quiltsAfter washing, you’d probably think of storing it but folding a quilt for way too long may develop fold lines on the fabric. This isn’t a proper way to treat your garment. Avoid folding the quilt along its seam lines and if it’s possible, don’t fold it at all. Displaying the garment is in itself a work of art and like any other artsy piece, it is beautiful when observed, not hidden.


As a reminder, don’t tuck your quilt inside your closet. Treat it like a masterpiece and while you’re at it, avoid storing it in a plastic bag or exposing it to direct sunlight. If displaying it isn’t an option, make sure you have it stored in a moisturized environment like a muslin bag or a cotton bag. This allows the fabric of the quilt to breath and concurrently, increasing its lifespan.

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