Handmade Patchwork

handmade patchwork

Patchwork, in the field of art, refers to putting together small pieces of patterns either made of paper, or fabric, or ceramic into a larger design. It is mainly used for a decorative purpose to bring out the colors and enhance the design patterns.
Sewing is one field where patchwork is used quite extensively.

Quilt Art: The Art of Patchwork

While hand sewing is practiced in some regions of the world to depict intricate designs, sewing machines are used for more generic patterns. The art of using fine needlework to patch different pieces of fabric to a larger piece to form a picture or pattern is called Appliqué. This art form is commonly seen in regions where Buddhism is prominent and is used to depict the life of Buddha.

The most common use of patchwork is to prepare quilts. Patchwork on quilts does not involve complicated needlework. Once you get the pattern and fabric right, it can be easily stitched together using sewing machines. Apart from quilts, patchwork is used in the garment industry for making colorful skirts, shawls, long coats, cushion covers, bed covers, and doormats and so on.

One need not be a professional to use patch works on your garments as long as you know a few basic and easy sewing patterns.


Block Pattern

One of the most widely used is the block pattern, where you cut your fabric into small squares or rectangles or the desired geometric shape. Once you have your basic blocks ready, you have to sew them up together in a repetitive fashion to get the desired look and pattern. Your first piece of work may not have the desired perfection so you can start off with making baby quilts.

Once you have the basic idea of how blocks are shaped, and how you can simplify the process further, from there on the sky is the limit for your creativity.

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